by | Jul 1, 2024

It’s the first of July and we have much to be positive about! The last couple of weeks have been a real roller-coaster ride, taking us through many emotions as we went to the poll’s to cast our vote in our National Elections.

We have endured a wide array of emotions with these elections. Surprise, happiness, fear, anxiety, anger, joy and pretty much every emotion in between as we have sat, waiting. Firstly, for the results, and most importantly, the announcement of the cabinet and ministers who will hopefully lead us all to a better South Africa for all.

With all to play for, the market and currency showed us just how sensitive we are to our local politics and how much is at stake. The Rand initially strengthened on the back of the ANC losing it’s 50% majority and with the hope of a DA / IFP coalition and then weakened (R19 to $1) with the prospect of a MK / EFF tie up and then ultimately strengthened again (R18 to $1) on the back of the announcement of a Government of National Unity. The market (JSE) followed suite, up, down and now surging to 80,343 on the back of the market friendly announcements. This also shows us, that investors are waiting in the wings to invest in our beautiful country, all that is needed is a little stability and some certainty.

There is lot’s to be positive about. Firstly, we have just witnessed free and fair elections. The ANC were humbled and accepted the outcome without putting up any resistance. They have respected the wishes of the people and have chosen the high road and set South Africa on a positive trajectory. Many people did not expect the ANC to do this. No bloodshed, a peaceful transition, we can be proud as a Nation, and thankful that the ANC chose this path.

The ANC were smart in opting for a Government of National Unity as this has allowed them to take the high ground by inviting all parties to participate, thus avoiding a binary outcome. The hard part now will be to work together and deliver a better country for all, but this is possible.

In the Resolution email, find a brilliant article on our recent elections and this historic shift to the middle written by JP Landman (Political & Trend Analyst). Here he sets out what did not happen, where we are now and the nine priorities that the GNU needs to focus on.

It is crucial not only for the good of the country that the GNU succeeds but also for the political parties involved, in particular the ANC and DA, because if they do not succeed this could weaken them come the 2029 elections, and the Hyena’s need to be kept in the political wilderness at all costs…