by | May 2, 2024

In the world of financial advising, there’s more to the job than just numbers and policies. It’s about advocating for clients, ensuring they are treated fairly, and never giving up when faced with challenges. Recently, one of our clients faced a daunting situation that tested our resolve, but it’s a testament to our commitment to never giving up on those we serve.

Our client had diligently maintained a risk policy with a reputable corporate company, trusting in the coverage it provided for critical illness. However, as fate would have it, her life took an unexpected turn when her doctor suspected that her breast cancer had returned in January 2023. Subsequent consultations with an oncologist confirmed the devastating news in July of the same year.

With the weight of her diagnosis bearing down on her, our client rightfully turned to her insurance policy for support. However, her hopes were dashed when her claim was refuted by Company X on the grounds that her critical illness cover had expired in June 2023 – a baffling revelation considering she had only turned 65 at the end of December that year.

The discrepancy was glaring. How could her coverage expire before she had even reached the age of 65? To compound matters, she had been dutifully paying her premiums for critical illness coverage even after the purported expiration date. It was clear that an injustice had been committed, and it was our duty to rectify it.

Driven by our commitment to “Treating Clients Fairly,” we embarked on a journey to dispute the cancellation of our client’s cover. Armed with determination and an unwavering belief in our client’s entitlement to fair treatment, we engaged in numerous meetings and exchanged countless emails with Company X.

After weeks of tireless advocacy and persistence, company X had not only acknowledged the error but also honoured our client’s claim, providing her with the financial support she desperately needed during such a challenging time.

This success story is more than just a triumph for our client – it’s a testament to the values we uphold as financial advisors. It reaffirms our commitment to our clients’ well-being, demonstrating that we will go above and beyond to ensure they are treated fairly and receive the support they deserve.

To our RWM clients, rest assured that no matter the obstacle, we will stand by you every step of the way. Your financial well-being is our top priority, and we will continue to fight for you, advocate for you, and never give up on you.