by | Sep 1, 2023

With the untimely death of a loved one as a surviving spouse or family member it is important to have a plan in place to have the following information and documents at hand to give to your wealth manager to facilitate with your executor of your estate. Article care of Stabilitas board of executors (pty) Ltd.

1. Original identity document of the deceased.
2. Original death certificate – obtainable from funeral director.
3. Uncertified copy of marriage certificate if the deceased was married at time of demise.
4. Original Antenuptial contract.
5. Uncertified copy of page 1 of the spouse’s/heir’s identity document(s). If in possession of ID Card, front and back of card will be required.
6. Original divorce order.
7. Particulars regarding pre-deceased spouse with master’s reference, and/or deceased estate account available
8. Full names of the parents of the deceased.
9. Municipal Rates and taxes account/ Body Corporate’s Levy statement.
10. Original title Deed/ Deed of sale of immovable property.
11. Original vehicle registration certificate.
12. Original Fire-arm license
13. Original Share certificates/ CK1 Form and particulars of auditor in the case of a Close Corporation.
14. Municipal Consumers’ account.
15. Particulars of savings, cheque, transmission and deposit accounts at banks.
16. Income Tax:
a) Tax Reference Number and office of deceased.
b) Tax Reference Number of spouse/ heir.
c)  VAT Registration Number.
d)  Income source.
e)  Capital Gains Tax:
i) Assets obtained before 1 October 2001
– Valuation certificates of all assets as on 1 October 2001.
ii) Assets obtained after 1 October 2001
–  Proof of the value of the assets as on the date of obtaining thereof.   f)  Details of deceased Accountant
17. A copy of the heir’s Marriage certificate.
18. Telephone numbers and addresses of heirs.
19. A copy of Notification of death (Form DHA- 1663) – obtainable from funeral director.
20. Particulars of South African Police Service if deceased died of unnatural causes. Officer in charge of the inquest and case number.
21. Particulars of Assurance Contracts on the life of the deceased.
22. Name, address and telephone number of General Practitioner.
23. Payslip
24. Particulars of Fund.
25. Particulars Pension Fund.
26. Original Rental agreement.
27. Telkom/ Mobile phone statement of account.
28. Data statement of account.
29. Television License – Should the tv set be owned/ claimed by a third party, proof of license number are required.
30. M- Net / DSTV statement of account.
31. Particulars of funeral director and receipt number if paid in full.
32. Statements of bond-; hire purchase-; and any other outstanding debts.
33. Short Term Insurance Contract
34. Particulars of Domestic worker.