Elite Travel Companion Service

by | May 1, 2023

Have you had a long time dream to do a trip on Rovos Rail? How about getting to a special destination which has been on your bucket list for years? Have you put off spoiling yourself with any sort of travel because you are alone and travelling by yourself just does not appeal, or are you perhaps an anxious traveller and the thought of navigating any airport or foreign country is simply overwhelming? Does your elderly relative, friend or child need to travel but you do not want them to do so unaccompanied?

I realised there are many people who are unnecessarily restricted because of travel concerns but many of these concerns can be overcome with the help of a professional travel companion. The desire to provide this service, is based on many years of global experience, starting with my work on Rovos Rail.  On a variety of incredible trans Africa journeys, I shared the delight of numerous experiences with guests from far and wide. My love of travel continued to grow, and I went on to become a corporate air hostess, flying on private jets travelling around the world for the next 21 years.  It gave me enormous pleasure to look after the people in my care ensuring that they too would enjoy every aspect of their journey. The desire to help others experience the delight of travel, while at the same time having peace of mind en route to their destinations, has resulted in the establishment of Elite Travel Companions.

Working through my company Archway Mile, Elite Travel Companions provides a professional travel companion service taking you from start to finish. Help is provided with all aspects of your trip, tailoring it to your every need. Whether you are looking for a Safe Travel companion, Child Travel companion or Elderly Travel companion, help is available from trip advice, transfers, baggage handling, check ins, security, baggage claim and all the while making sure you and your loved ones get safely to any destination. A travel companion can also be arranged for an entire trip, providing assistance from beginning to end.

So go ahead! Get to those amazing holiday destinations. Visit your relatives and friends wherever they are in the world. Bring your loved ones with a travel companion, over to you. Let Elite Travel Companions help to make your dreams a reality!

Contact:  Marina Martin

Tel:         +27 78 728 5259

               +27 82 610 6995

 Email:     marina@archwaymile.com