At Resolute Wealth we believe that superior long-term returns are driven through accurate asset allocation, tax efficiency, low costs and expertise in creating product solutions. Our vast range of local investment vehicles and diversified model portfolios allows us to construct bespoke local investment solutions for our clients resulting in tax efficient, inflation beating capital growth over time.

  • Unit Trusts
  • Endowments
  • Tax Free Saving Accounts
  • Retirement Annuities
  • Living Annuities
  • Pension & Provident Preservation Funds
  • Guaranteed Income Plans
  • Guaranteed Return Plans


At Resolute Wealth we firmly believe that a portion of your investment portfolio should be held offshore. This provides protection against a depreciating Rand and enhances the diversification of your investment portfolio. Every investor should be utilizing a portion of their individual R1,000,000 discretionary travel allowance or additional R10,000,000 offshore investment allowance as permitted by the SA Reserve Bank. Resolute Wealth specializes in the setup of tailor-made offshore solutions for our clients using tax efficient investment vehicles and global investment portfolios. In addition to this we facilitate the foreign exchange transfer with SARS and manage the process with our clients from start to finish.

  • Offshore Unit Trusts
  • Offshore Endowments
  • Offshore Share Portfolios


Are you one of the 6% that will actually be able to retire financially independent?

Planning for your golden years to ensure that you realise your future retirement needs is essential and can only be achieved with a sound retirement plan. You will need a sound strategy, good investment selection and reliable, ongoing investment advice to ensure the creation of retirement wealth. There are various retirement vehicles and all of these have various tax benefits that every investor should be taking advantage of. We structure client specific retirement solutions using a range of flexible retirement products and regulation 28 portfolios to suit each client’s investment needs and risk profile whilst still giving them the most tax effective way to put away money for retirement.

We utilise a range of sophisticated computer software systems to project future values, identify potential shortfalls and provide personal recommendations, underpinned by a solid understanding of the tax effects at retirement. Our range of retirement vehicles consists of:

  • Retirement Annuities
  • Pension Preservation Funds
  • Provident Preservation Funds
  • Living Annuities
  • Life Annuities



In order to provide our clients with a holistic service offering, we offer our clients the benefit of additional services such as the drafting of Wills at no additional cost, estate planning, estate administration & trust administration, all of which form an integral part of every person’s financial planning.


It is important to ensure your wishes are documented when you are no longer around to look after your own affairs, which can be done by drafting your Last Will & Testament.


  • If you do not have a valid Will, your estate will be distributed interstate, which can be a very lengthy process and minor’s inheritances can be held by the State’s Guardian Fund until the beneficiary reaches the age of 18.
  • It ensures that your assets are distributed to the beneficiaries of your choosing, according to your last wishes.
  • If you nominate a minor as a beneficiary, you can protect the assets by stipulating that the proceeds must be kept in a testamentary trust which can be controlled by a Trustee/s of your choosing until a predetermined age.


Although a person has a valid Will in place, it doesn’t mean that their assets, or the full value of their assets, will go to the beneficiaries as per their wishes. Before assets are distributed to the beneficiaries, all outstanding liabilities and expenses must be paid. These expenses include Estate Duty, Master’s fees, Executor’s fees, deathbed expenses, etc., and can drastically reduce the assets which are inherited, which can be devastating for your family if you are the sole breadwinner of the family and have not provided for your dependents in death.

We can assist you in drawing up an estate plan and calculating the estimated expenses, and if necessary, putting in place a plan to ensure these expenses are funded, whether through life assurance or investments, to ensure your beneficiaries are looked after, and your last wishes are fulfilled.

For more information regarding the drafting of your Will, contact your RWM Private Wealth Manager or Gareth directly, and we will be happy to assist you through this process.


Tax planning is an integral part of the wealth management process. Effective tax planning requires careful attention to various taxes, duties and time frames, taking into account both anticipated tax changes and current tax law. Globalisation in the financial markets requires one to also have a comprehensive understanding of international tax law and because tax is so closely related to investments and personal finance we have partnered with some of the best tax advisory firms in the country to ensure our clients receive the best tax advice to meet their individual needs.


Risk protection is an area of financial planning that is designed to protect you against unforeseeable eventualities in the future, including death, disability, severe illness and health ailments. While you are still accumulating your wealth, repaying your home loan and saving for your retirement years, your most valuable asset is your ability to generate an income. Unforeseeable eventualities have the ability to cause huge financial losses, and we believe that these risks can be effectively protected against through insurance. Our independent nature allows us to request life and business assurance quotes from a range of service providers ensuring the cover you get meets your exact needs and objectives whilst still keeping your monthly costs as low as possible. We do a full comprehensive analysis of each client to ensure the cover we put in place is adequate and relevant to their particular situation. On top of that we review each client’s cover on an annual basis to ensure it remains aligned to their ever changing business and lifestyle needs and doesn’t become outdated or obsolete.

  • Life Assurance
  • Disability Assurance
  • Severe Illness Benefits
  • Income Protection
  • Funeral Plans
  • Buy and Sell Agreements
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Shareholders Agreement


At Resolute Wealth we develop and manage a range of full corporate investment and insurance solutions. Our flexibility and product offering allows us to manage companies of all different sizes ranging from a minimum of 10 employees all the way up to 1000+ employees. Many old generation company pension and provident funds have been riddled with high fees and poor back end administration leading to employees retiring with less than expected and waiting for months to receive their payments. With Resolute Wealth’s corporate solutions you can rest assured that not only the fees you pay are amongst some of the lowest in the industry but our day to day administrative back end work is handled on an individual basis and each client is attended to in their own capacity to ensure effective and efficient managing of client queries.

  • Group Retirement Annuities
  • Umbrella Funds
  • Pension Funds
  • Provident Funds
  • Group Life Schemes


We feel this investment vehicle should make up part of every person’s investment portfolio.

Individual investors are allowed to invest a maximum annual contribution of up to R33,000, and a maximum lifetime contribution of up to R500,000.

We have put together a selection of funds to make up the Resolute Wealth Management TFSA portfolio which has to date provided our clients with exceptional returns while ensuring their investments are sufficiently diversified.

You are able to access your funds at any time, but you are not allowed to replace the withdrawn funds tax free, and for this reason we recommend the Tax Free Savings Account be used for long term planning or retirement planning.


At Resolute Wealth, we strive to offer our clients more than just investment advice. One such avenue we have embarked on is, through various partnerships, the ability to offer clients and their companies corporate wellness days. During these events, we offer employees the chance to engage with a certified biokineticist, dietician, as well as our wealth managers.

By engaging with the relevant parties, employees can obtain the necessary Vitality and Multiply points required by medical aids. Our wealth managers would be available to answer any questions that employees might have regarding their current and future savings and investments.


Resolute Wealth Management is a specialist financial advisory and asset manager which offers its expertise in local and global portfolio management, which includes stockbroking services, to our clients.

Our responsibility as an advisory business is to add a layer of advice and protection to the stockbroker who manages our clients’ portfolios. Resolute has collaborated with a range of stockbrokers that you can choose from which gives you cost-efficient access to respected managers who can manage your share portfolio according to your needs. You choose how involved you want to be in the decisions about your share portfolio.

Our various partners offer stockbroking services to investors seeking an efficient platform to execute and administer their own investment decisions. Alongside your advisory team you have access to an investment manager and our proprietary research. Advisory stockbroking services are designed for investors who wish to retain control over their investment decisions. Your dedicated investment manager will provide personalized technical advice and execution of trades of shares and other tradable instruments. Backed by a global investment process and high-quality research, our stockbrokers have extensive expertise in local JSE listed securities, global securities and derivatives.


  • You get direct access to a wide range of shares and bonds via respected stockbrokers who trade on your behalf according to your needs and risk appetite.
  • It may be more affordable for you to invest in shares via a platform (as opposed to directly), because we negotiate reduced stockbroking rates on your behalf.
  • You can make a smooth transfer between your shares and unit trust funds at any time. You can combine your share portfolio with collective investments as the underlying investments in the accounts you have.
  • You have control over how involved you are with the decisions of the stockbroker:
    • Execution only – The stockbroker simply carries out the instructions that they receive
    • Discretionary – The stockbroker manages the portfolio on your behalf

  • We keep you updated on the value of your shares on a daily basis, which makes it easy to manage your portfolio.
  • You select the shares you want to invest in collaboration with your share portfolio manager.
  • Your share portfolio manager makes and manages your investment(s) on your behalf.
  • You can also earn an income on certain shares through dividends, which you can choose to re-invest.