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The Cash Conundrum

Investing offshore can be intimidating and holding cash in a foreign bank account is often perceived as an easy way to gain offshore exposure.  However, it is likely that the investor’s money will not grow due to very low interest rates, and on death, it can be...

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Why the Gold Rush?

In today’s world, wrought with political and economic uncertainty, investors are rushing to gold.  It has its place.  But as with anything in life, understand its shortcomings.   Warren Buffet once commented in the Fortune magazine that investing is often described as...

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Tito’s Supplementary Budget was Very Sobering!

For all to see, South Africa’s finances are in dire shape. Ten years of weak growth, mismanagement and corruption has led us to this point. Historically SA had one of the lowest debt-to-GDP ratios in the world, but now we have one of the highest across emerging...

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