In the first meeting our aim is to understand you as well as your financial position and objectives.


We analyse your current financial position and explore all possible strategies.


We prepare a comprehensive statement of advice, including the most appropriate strategy and investment recommendations based on the due diligence by our team of professionals.


Your personalised statement of advice is presented to you. Any questions that you have will be discussed in detail with your financial planner.


We manage the entire implementation process in accordance with the strategy and investment recommendations agreed to by you.


Regular reviews of your investment portfolio and financial position will be held with your financial planner.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Service Offerings & Value Proposition


As a client of Resolute Wealth, you can expect the following:

  •  A comprehensive financial needs and risk analysis and the development of a personalised financial plan.
  • Extensive research and due diligence of the various investment institutions, ensuring they are 100% secure and cost-effective.
  • Direct access to your Wealth Manager and Investment Team.
  • Direct access to our support team for all your administrative needs.
  • Financial portfolio review – please see Ongoing Service Agreement for more information.
  • Ad hoc meetings – should you require additional meetings for reviews or any administrative or advisory reasons, we are always available.
  • Two client presentations per year with industry professionals as guest speakers, as well as our private investment analyst taking you through the Resolute Wealth Portfolios.
  • Monthly market update newsletters sent directly to you.
  • Monthly email newsletters which touches on local markets, personal financial planning and current affairs.
  • Human emotion is the biggest destroyer of wealth; our role is to make certain that you remain focused and on track to achieve your financial goals and to ensure that you do not allow emotions to corrode your wealth.