We provide both advice and asset management capabilities and currently manage more than R2 billion of investor funds with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. With a broad skillset across the investment, legal & tax industry, we are solely committed to giving our clients expert financial advice and bespoke investment solutions for their various financial affairs.

Being a fiercely independent business means we are product and platform agnostic and therefore able to manage our client’s investments irrespective of which platform they use while offering best advice. Our strength lies in our research capabilities where we manage our clients’ portfolios on an ongoing basis to ensure that our clients are on track to reach their investments goals by holding the best funds in their portfolios, have the best asset managers and host their accounts on the cheapest, most flexible, and most transparent platforms in the market.

Having contracts with all investment & Insurance providers allows our independent nature to ensure that we are able to offer all products through all the major service providers, however, the final decision comes down to what complements the best interest of the client. We are able to provide our clients with a holistic solution and manage the client investments & policies across all the different platforms all through one company & allowing you to have a dedicated team managing your wealth affairs.

We offer reviews and analysis of client’s existing portfolios and provide advice on all investment products & policies; namely local & offshore investments, retirement accounts, Life insurance cover, fiduciary services and Wills, tax structures and general personal finance needs.

As part of our initial service offering, we offer prospective clients a free financial portfolio review of all their current investments & policies, to ensure you are on track to meet your future financial needs and objectives.

We provide our clients with services that are easy to understand and can count on. Our financial advisors can help you achieve financial independence.


Our objective is to build long-term lasting relationships with all of our clients, while generating returns in excess of inflation, tax and all costs i.e. positive absolute returns, without taking unnecessary risk. To achieve this, we have developed a structured investment strategy:


A Resolute Wealth Manager will meet with you to assess your current financial position and gain a better understanding of your financial goals. They will then provide you with a personalized investment proposal containing your investment objectives. The proposal will provide full details of our recommendations and any advice for restructuring.


At Resolute Wealth, our Wealth Managers have a professional responsibility to safeguard your investment and manage your portfolio within the bounds of Resolute Wealth’s house view, including tax, compliance, estate planning and investment administration. Your financial portfolio will be reviewed annually to ensure your investments remain aligned with your financial objectives.


At RWM, we believe that the historical “commission driven” fee structure is both unsuitable and unsustainable in the financial services industry. This type of fee remuneration encourages businesses to be transaction based and the objectivity of advice can be questionable. In addition, this type of fee structure does not align itself to long-term personal service.  RWM has structured its business largely on an ongoing fee basis system. Our fees are aligned to the performance of our client’s investment portfolio, thereby aligning our interests with our client’s interests.